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Collin Law Offices Client Testimonials

"Excellent Attorney. Had a consultation with Mr. Collin and he was very attentive, understood my concerns and gave me the best advice. Would highly recommend Mr. Collin and will definitely be referring him to other potential clients that need legal help."-Anonymous (7/8/16)

“Excellent Advocate. Highly recommended. I contacted Mr. Collin under very stressful circumstances. He was not only level headed and kind, but immediately made me feel like I was in good hands. He acted swiftly and effectively, responded quickly, explained things factually and guided my decisions thoughtfully and in my best interest. He provided the most tremendous advocacy I could have asked for in a complex, emotional, (international) divorce. I'm grateful and could not recommend him more. Things moved quickly and smoothly; and over the entire series of events I felt like I was in control of my future. I'm very grateful that I found him in what can seem to be an endless network of lawyers.” -T.V. (7/13/16)

“Ending a marriage of some 40 years is not an easy process. My divorce was complicated, messy and took a lot of time to resolve. Mr. Collin was thorough and knowledgeable about procedures. He continued to push forward even through the difficult setbacks. I would recommend Mr. Collin to anyone who is facing this life changing event.” -J.M. (5/19/15)

“Patient, understanding, punctual, excellent communicator, honest, thorough, hard-working, aggressive, dedicated and knowledgeable are all of the adjectives that you would want to describe an attorney that you work with. Mr. Collin possesses all of these attributes and many more which makes me highly recommend him to others and state that I will definitely utilize him if I have any future domestic relations cases that arise. Mr. Collin was very sensitive to my situation and made me feel more comfortable during a difficult time. I truly appreciated his simple explanations of legal jargon that is often confusing. I felt as though the best interest and well-being of my family was always a top priority with Mr. Collin. Utilizing Collin Law Offices was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” -K.S. (6/22/11)

“After having gone through a number of different attorneys who charged me a lot of money and couldn’t get me the results I desired, I retained Attorney Christian Collin to represent me in a highly contested child custody case involving my daughter. Attorney Collin fought aggressively more me, and the court awarded me sole legal and physical custody of my daughter. Although my daughter had been living with her mother since her birth, Attorney Collin was able to convince the court that I was ultimately the better parent. Although it was a hard fought battle, I am very pleased with the final result, and I believe justice was served! Attorney Collin is experienced, professional and tenacious and I would highly recommend him to anyone concerned with the outcome of their case. Without his dedication, perseverance, trust and concern for the welfare of my child, none of this would have happened. We deeply appreciate all of his hard work.” -F.G. (5/10/09)

“Attorney Christian Collin is a dynamic, hard-working, intelligent trial attorney. I have worked with him and the experience has been very good. He is a creative, articulate, fantastic, experienced litigator.” -Craig Cunningham, Attorney (6/25/08)

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